Proud to make our clients smile since 1986.

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Our Why

We strive to make our clients smile every day through exceptional support. PrimePay holds the principles of serving its clients to the highest of standards. We are proud of our clients and how they focus on their teams. According to our research, over 80% of businesses saw an increase in or retained the same number of employees in the past 5 years.

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Our How

Our payroll and HR service models and robust resources help clients manage the employee life cycle. Organizations know how to run their operations well. The less time they have to spend on tasks like payroll or taxes is more time they can spend doing what they love. We are with them every step of the way.

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Our What

Our products were designed for organizations of all sizes and we support a variety of industries, holding our clients’ unique needs in mind. We are more than just payroll. Our other solutions include: HR solutions, Time Clock, benefits administration, and compliance. Each offer allows us to empower clients to easily manage employees throughout the entire hire to retire process.

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What is NPS?

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. NPS is a metric that measures the loyalty of customers/clients to a company. Have you ever made a purchase online and received an email soon after asking: "how likely are you to recommend our company to a friend?" Well, that is a NPS measurement question.This question is typically based on a scale of 0-10 and is reported with a number from -100 to 100. 

How does PrimePay rank?

PrimePay is fortunate enough to be in a very good position with our NPS. Over the last 12 months our customers have given us a Net Promoter Score of 48. That's a lot of happy PrimePay clients!

To put that into perspective, Customer.Guru reports that tech giant Apple has an NPS of 47 and Microsoft has an NPS of 45.